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"For a long time, people have asked me about my jewelry...  not just the pieces I wear onstage, but the pieces I wear off stage...



Cheryl Rixon Davis of Royal Order Jewelry has designed these pieces specifically for me, Paul Stanley of the band KISS.

Now, for the first time, all of those iconic pieces are available to you. Choose from 18-karat gold, sterling silver 925, semi-precious and precious hand picked stones."


"It's not just jewelry...

it's a Lifestyle..."

Cheryl Davis.jpg

Meet the Queen behind the Jewels...

Royal Order was founded in on the undeniable union of Rock-n-Roll and fashion.

Designer Cheryl Rixon Davis' jewelry line is of exceptional quality, incorporating fine detail into sterling silver, 18K gold and platinum.  She uses diamonds, pearls, rare gemstones, as well as semi-precious stones to address a wide range of accessory needs complementary to emerging fashion trends.

Cheryl's designs for an elite international

clientele of rock stars and celebrities.

All sales are final

Orders are custom manufactured and no returns accepted.


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